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Intuitive Abstract Painting

Join me for an inspiring workshop experience at my studio in North Yorkshire.

More than a usual art class, my workshops offer a small group setting within my personal studio space, providing not only a wonderfully inspiring atmosphere with lots of individual tuition, but also a direct & fascinating insight into my daily studio practice.


From invigorating mixed media sessions to building a series of oil paintings on canvas, I share my intuitive approach with you whilst encouraging you to discover and trust your own unique artist voice.

Immerse yourself in the relaxing and creative ambience of my spacious, light filled studio – it’s the perfect place to escape from the outside world, tune into your instincts and paint with spontaneity and joy.

I’m excited to welcome you to my studio and see what you create!

Choose from the following workshop options:

What students say...

"I loved this day. Julia’s calm and reassuring nature put me instantly at ease. She struck a wonderful balance of instructing and teaching whilst allowing us to explore and develop our own ideas. So glad to take away some of Julia’s insight and knowledge and put it to use in my own work. The calm and relaxing atmosphere in the studio made it a special experience. Thank you Julia" 
- Anna
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