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Would you like a workshop experience created just for you, or to share with a friend?


Whether you prefer individual tuition or have specific areas you'd like to work on, I'd love to offer a bespoke session just for you.

What Makes these Workshops Special?

Studio Immersion:


You'll get first-hand and unique insight into the daily workings of my studio practice. My light-filled, spacious studio is the perfect place to switch off from the outside world, tune into your emotions and paint with spontaneity and freedom.


Up-Close and Personal:

You'll get to see my artwork up close (including works in progress & finished paintings) - there's nothing like seeing the textures, layers and colours in real life - an extra dimension to the studio experience and a unique opportunity to ask me anything you like about my painting practice.


Paint Alongside a Professional:

For individual (or very small group) sessions we will be painting alongside each other!  Not only is this a lovely and 'connecting' experience, it can be really helpful to watch how I work, my approach and techniques, etc. As well as quiet periods of absorption together (with a little background music) I'll talk through my processes and encourage you along with yours.

Inspiration Unleashed:

More than just an art class, my bespoke workshops offer a day filled with inspiration, creativity, and personal connection, with a relaxed, friendly and encouraging atmosphere, where you'll feel comfortable to let go and paint with expression & joy.

Whether you're seeking a solo adventure or looking to share this experience with a friend, my bespoke art workshops promise an unforgettable experience.


Enquire about your bespoke art workshop today!


Sessions will be based on either my one day mixed media or two day oil painting formats, unless you have a specific area you'd like to focus on.  Please complete the form below to let me know what you'd be interested in and how many people it would be for (either individual or yourself plus 1 or 2 friends).  I will get back to you asap to make our arrangements and look forward to welcoming you to my studio!


1 Day: Individual - £500
1 Day: 2 people - £225 per person
1 Day: 3 people - £175 per person
2 Day: 2 people - £395 per person
2 Day: 3 people - £325 per person

Prices include all materials and refreshments. Each day runs from10am-4pm.  There may be an added cost for any extra materials requested, but this will be discussed and agreed beforehand.

Bespoke Workshop Enquiry

"Julia is a wonderful leader and coach and I would recommend this course to anyone interested in developing their artistic practice.  I loved the intimate and gentle atmosphere of the studio, which was perfect for encouraging us to get into a flow.  Julia kept things moving through a series of thoughtfully-planned exercises that were each valuable in different ways.  Her guidance and feedback were brilliant and she occasionally participated which gave us a wonderful insight into the process of her own art."


- Beth

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