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What Students Say...

"I loved being given permission to play. The first exercise was very revealing and showed a definite thread. It was fascinating to see how different we all were and to get feedback. We covered a lot but the atmosphere was very relaxed and supportive.."


"I enjoyed having the freedom to express without an end goal,limitations or rules. I didn't feel any pressure to produce and relaxed more into it as the day progressed. I I enjoyed meeting other like minded people in a relaxed and easy going atmosphere. Lovely bickies too."


"Thank you for sharing your space and practice. It really helped me launch a new era in my art work. I’m still thrilled with the ‘colour blast’ picture which I wouldn’t have done without you. Also learned so much from the other three on the course."


"Really enjoyed it and discovered new ways of creating."


"Loved the day! Definitely got me thinking differently and now looking forward to progressing my sketches!"


"The studio was superb and a perfect environment for creativity! It was interesting to get your take on how to start out and develop intuitive mark making. Useful Exercises and great to share with the others. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you Julia"


"Really enjoyed it, thanks for unlocking a truly abstract side to me."


"I enjoyed the whole day and it has given me lots of ideas. Also meeting others and listening to their stories. It was a warm, friendly relaxed workshop and I would definitely recommend it to others"


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